Accounting Services

MyProfessionals Accounting Services

At MyProfessionals, we bring in accountants who provide a range of accounting, planning, and tax compliance services for both businesses and individuals to complement our legal advice and services.

MyProfessionals accounting team utilizes tax-planning strategies that are specifically designed to help businesses increase cash flow and reduce liabilities, keeping your business on track while minimizing tax-related stress.

Business Tax Services

accounting services calculatorNo matter what kind of business you own, whether a start-up, a sole proprietorship, a brick and mortar family business, a large enterprise, or a professional corporation, our goal is to help you succeed when it comes to managing the financial side of your business. That is why our lawyers will bring in accountants who take the time to understand your business and legal planning before offering any strategic advice. MyProfessionals accounting team can also help you file your business taxes, accurately and on time, as well as perform a company audit to give you the advice you need to improve the overall financial performance of your business in keeping with your legal strategies.

Personal Tax Services

Most people find tax season to be an extremely stressful time. MyProfessionals accounting team offers full-service personal tax services that are designed to help take the stress out of doing your taxes. When necessary, your lawyer at MyProfessionals will involve an accountant to help you file your personal taxes accurately and on time. Personal tax services are available on a flat-fee basis.

Meet with an accountant conveniently after your next shopping trip

Meet with an accountant conveniently after a shopping trip